Dominic Raab Urged To ���consider His Position��� Amid Claims He Led ���dysfunctional And Chaotic��� Afghanistan Evacuation

Afghanistan is back in the news, meaning we all have to feel horrendous about it again.

© People at an Afghan solidarity rally in Trafalgar Square, London, to oppose the Taliban.

Because, unlike those our governments abandoned to be left to the Taliban, we can simply switch off from it.

I personally felt sick for days when the situation was unfolding, but truthfully it’s not crossed my mind for weeks. It consumed me, then it was over.

It’s the reality of Great Britain and the US, supposed superpowers, leaving those that helped us at the mercy of thugs with machine guns.

This is not a political statement, nor even analysis. It is the facts of the situation.

And now a whistleblower has suggested the failure was even worse than thought.

It is claimed thousands of emails went unread, despite Dominic Raab's private office insisting they were processing them.

It was estimated that of the 150,000 who applied for evacuation, fewer than 5 per cent got assistance.

Video: Dominic Raab responds to claim he sent back information on Afghanistan evacuation (The Independent)